OMMPOS Partners

OMMPOS is partnering with these select organziations to bring even more features to your POS experience.

Questions? Call Raja (971) 276 - 3371.

RozBot Consulting

Legally, dispensaries are required to have written procedures for their dispensary. Ideally, those procedures are customized for your store model and so crystal clear that they can be the main training and support reference for your staff. I can do this for you- plus more! Do you need fresh eyes on your business to help organize your work flow to be more efficient? Do you need to create specific written procedures for your POS or general operational documents? Do you have an idea in your head that you're having trouble communicating or materializing? That's what I do. I call myself Rozbot for a reason. 🤖 Boring for you, but fun for me! 🤓 Check out my site at:

CanPay Debit

CanPay is the only debit payment app that allows you to pay for your purchases at cannabis retailers with a simple debit to your checking account when you make a purchase.

You use your debit and credit cards for purchases everywhere else, now you can enjoy the same convenience at your favorite cannabis retailers.

To learn how CanPay saves you time and money, click here.

Oregon Better Business Bureau

Marijuana Software, LLC is a proud member of the Oregon Better Business Bureau.

Microsoft Bizspark

Marijuana Software, LLC is a Microsoft Bizspark startup company and a receipt of a Microsoft V.I.P grant.

Releaf is a patent pending app that enables medical patients to track their live sessions with cannabis and record how effective their selection was in treating their symptoms. These sessions are collected, analyzed, and shared back to dispensaries to improve recommendations for other patients that share those same symptoms. Less guess and check for everyone!


Budsy, is a cannabis technology company, enabling one touch personalized cannabis delivery. We connect dispensaries with a pool of expanding orders from marijuana consumers in your area. Budsy can help you get started on your delivery operations if your dispensary doesn’t not already have one, optimize and automate the management of your delivery service if you have one and increase the number of marijuana consumers buying from your dispensary.

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