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Simple Trick to Reboot Your OMMPOS Website

1/22/2021 10:23:44 AM +00:00

After lastnight's website update, you might need to reboot your website. Try this one simple trick to reboot your OMMPOS website

  • Go to OMMPOS Main Menu
  • Click SUPPORT
  • Click Web Menus
  • Click your web menu
  • Click the Refresh Web Menu Products API Data button

This video shows you how to reboot your website

Big Website Update

1/21/2021 3:44:37 PM +00:00

Our Website Menus Have Been Fixed.

OMMPOS offers websites for $15 per month and $1 per order.

Over the past year our website customers have reported that the product information on their website was not correct, showing out of stock or incorrect product information. We will upload a fix for this problem tonight.

To say sorry, we are going to cancel the $15 monthly fee for our current website customers and waive the $15 website fee for our new website customers between now and February 28th 2021. 

Learn more about Online Ordering, CanPay payments for online orders and Free Reports from Headset.IO. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos.

Please call with questions.

Thank you for your business,

Raja Afrika
Marijuana Software, LLC
(971) 276 - 3371

Budtender Training Videos

1/5/2021 3:55:54 PM +00:00

Subscribe to our Youtube Chanel for more videos

Image may contain: text that says 'OMMPOS.COM Metrc Certified Point of Sale for Oregon Metrc Certified Point of Sale for retail, dispensary and cultivation operators manage their data. Get up and running quickly and stay compliant with our sale, inventory and plant management software and best class hardware.'

Q4 DOR Report Available

1/4/2021 9:58:41 AM +00:00

The 2020 Q4 Quarterly report is available. Also, an update is available for OMMPOS Backup Server customers. Please call Raja to schedule an update. 

To file your Oregon Department of Revenue quarterly tax report:

  • Login to OMMPOS
  • Go to REPORTS
  • Click Q4 2020 DOR REVENUE ONLINE E-FILE (file downloads to your windows downloads folder)
  • Click the OPEN DOR REVENUE ONLINE button
  • Login to Revenue Online
  • Click the Marijuana Tax link
  • Click the correct quarter
  • Click File/Amend Return
  • Click import
  • Select the file downloaded from OMMPOS
  • Click Import
  • Click Submit
  • Re-enter your password
  • Print Voucher Month 1,2 & 3
  • You're done (Approx. 10 minutes)

The Road Ahead

1/1/2021 12:39:53 PM +00:00

Image may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor, nature and text

Thank you! Because of you OMMPOS has grown over the years to become the most useable, affordable Seed to Sale tracking system in the Cannabis Industry.

When Kathleen and I started OMMPOS in 2015 it was the Mom and Pop shops and everyday people of the Cannabis industry who gave us a chance and the feedback that we needed to grow. We are here because of you. Thank you!

In 2021 we are excited to offer you more powerful reporting, more seamless compliance, more robust advertising and online ordering features and better support for vertically integrated Cannabis business. 

Wishing you the best that 2021 has to offer,

Kathleen & Raja Afrika
Mom and Pop Co-Founders of
Marijuana Software, LLC

Farm Tools is now available

12/30/2020 4:53:17 PM +00:00

We are pleased to annouce the general availability of OMMPOS Farm Tools. Manage your grow with integrated Metrc tracking and stay compliant!

Contact Raja for details  - (971) 276 - 3371 

Updates and Bug Fixes

12/16/2020 5:31:41 PM +00:00

  • Metrc Package Import Fixed. We fixed a bug that was making it hard to import some packages using our package import tool.
  • OMMPOS California is now live. We are pleased to annouce that we have received our METRC certification for California and launched today!
  • Farm Tools is available. Manage your grow with OMMPOS. We are excited to annouce the general availability of Farm Tools for Oregon, California, Montana, Colorado and Maryland. We are releasing Farm Tools for Oklahoma on 12/21.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you!,
Raja Afrika
(971) 276 - 3371

We Updated the Homepage

12/3/2020 11:59:25 PM +00:00

Click on your state to login to OMMPOS. We are pleased to add Colorado, California (2021) and Maryland to our OMMPOS family. Thank you!

Caregiver Update

9/18/2020 7:36:21 AM +00:00

We added a new patient type 'CAREGIVER' to comply with the new OLCC guidelines. When entering a new caregiver:

  • Go to Sales
  • Click New Customer
  • Set the customer type to CAREGIVER
  • Fill in the Caregiver name as the patient name, then fill in all of the patient and caregiver information
  • Ring the sale up with the Caregiver as the patient
  • OMMPOS will post the caregiver sale to METRC at reporting time

Please give us a call with any questions.

Thank you for your business!,

Raja Afrika
Marijuana Software, LLC
(971) 276 - 3371

New Web Menu Editor

8/18/2020 9:02:27 PM +00:00

We received a lot of feedback that the API was showing a lot of archived products in your websites. We created a new Web Menu Editor that will allow you to see exactly which products are being displayed through your API and make changes on the fly. To see the new Web Menu Editor

  • Go to the OMMPOS main menu
  • Click Support
  • Click Web Menus
  • Click your web menu name
  • Click Preview
  • Make changs to your API product list

Please give me a call with any questions.

Thank you,

Raja (971) 276 - 3371

Major Update Schedule Aug. 20th

8/18/2020 9:00:00 PM +00:00

New Way to Pay Your Bill

Thursday August 20th we will be launching an update that changes the way that we do billing. The with the new billing system you can pay your bill directly from your OMMAPOS homepage. MJSOFT will appear on your monthly statement. You can see you new statement on the bottom of the OMMAPOS main menu starting on the 20th.

New Main Menu

We updated the main menu to highlight your daily sales data. Seitch between hourly sales view and category sales view. 

New Web Menu Editor

The new Web Menu Editor makes it easy to make sure all of the product information in your API is correct. The new editor will be avilable August 20th. Click the support button and then Web Menus to see the new editor. 

New Update Schedule

We will be doing rolling updates by request every 2 weeks. Do you have a change that you would like to see in the system? Let us know. 

Farm Tools

We will be improve our support for Farm Production over August and September.

Please give us a call with any questions.

Thank you for your business!,

Raja Afrika, Co-founder Marijuana Software, LLC

(971) 276 - 3371

Online Order Printer Notification

7/11/2020 10:28:30 AM +00:00

Get notified instantly to your Star Micronics Printer whenever you receive an online order with our OMMPOS Wireless Printer Configuration.