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More Report Updates

11/6/2018 12:22:22 PM +00:00

Last week we added the new METRC INVENTORY REPORT which show the history of all of your METRC intake. in OMMPOS  

We also updated the Busy Days and Times Report to more clearly show slow days. 

Today we update the Closing Report, Sale by Budtender Report and Enhanced Sales Report to include Product TAG #.

We will update these reports for our Private Cloud customers on Friday.

Please let us know if you have any question about these new and updated reports. Thanks! Raja (971) 276 - 3371

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Updated Reports

11/2/2018 11:10:50 PM +00:00

We have updated 2 reports. 

We added a new METRC Inventory Report. This report shows all of your METRC inventory with COGS.

We also updated the Busy Days and Times Report so that all days are now visible. 

Both reports are now available on the Reports page. Please give us a call with any questions. - Raja (971) 276 - 3371

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New Sales by Category Report

2/8/2018 11:23:20 AM +00:00

New Report

The new Sales by Category report groups and totals your sales by category. Click the + sign to drill down into specific sales. 

Bug Fixes

We have received reports of discrepancies in the Enhanced Inventory report. We have posted a patch to fix this error. If you have any questions about the update please give us a call.

Thanks, Raja (971) 276 - 3371

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October Updates 2 of 3

10/18/2017 9:20:44 AM +00:00

Rebuilt POS

Faster POS Experience

We rebuilt the POS sales screen to load and work faster than ever. You will notice that you no longer need to leave the POS between sales. Look up and add customers to live orders. Searching for products is a lot faster.

Better Label Printing

Now the POS remembers your label size printing preferences. Better support for IPad and Android label and receipt printing. Receipts have been updated to include change due.

New Reports

Sales by Budtender Report (Updated)

We update the Sales by Budtenders report to include averages per budtender. 

Enhanced Sales Report

We added a new report that splits medical, recreational and merchandise sales into seperate columns.

Busy Time of the Week Report

New graphical report show you when your dispensary is most busy

Improved Metrc Integration

Improved Intake

New 1-Click Metrc Package Import means no more typing. Now, intake packages with a single click.

Improved Metrc Reporting

Metrc Upload reporting has been updated to avoid double posting.

Reset Sales Upload

New Reset Metrc Day button will erase and unsynch sales uploaded to Metrc

Bug Fixes

The Print Single Label button in the POS has been fixed.

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New Report

1/24/2017 12:00:00 AM +00:00

We added a new report to show Sales by Product. The new Product Sales Report is available on the REPORTS page under Sales Reports.

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Correction to the Monthly Tax Voucher

10/13/2016 7:29:12 AM +00:00

We determined that we were using an improper value in the monthly tax voucher. The effect being that the monthly tax voucher was reporting a double taxation. This would have resulted in an overpayment of your monthly taxes.

This error has been corrected. The quarterly tax report was reporting correct values. If you compare your total monthly payments to your Q3 quarterly report you should see the amount of your overpayment. You can report this overpayment on your quarterly return. Please let me know if you have any questions. - Raja (971) 276 - 3371

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3rd Quater Reports Available

10/12/2016 9:43:45 AM +00:00

New quaterly reports are now available for Q3 Recreational Sales, Q3 Marijuana Tax Return and Q3 Birthdays report. Click REPORTS from the main menu to get started.

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Reporting Bugs

8/10/2016 10:37:31 PM +00:00

We have received reports of some errors in some of our reports. Please read as this may affect the amount of Tax that you owe.

All Sales Monthly Report: We received notice that this report was displaying an inflated number for earned income. This bug has been fixed. Please re-rerun this report to see accurate values for July. The Medical Sales and Recreational Sales reports were unaffected.

DOR Reports: The Monthly Tax Voucher and other reports under DOR Reports were displaying 'Non-Marijuana Items' in the report. This was an error and has been corrected. If you have any questions, please call Raja (971) 276 - 3371.


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DOR Quaterly Marijuana Tax Report

7/7/2016 7:40:30 PM +00:00

First quarter returns were due May 2, 2016. If you haven't already done so, file a Quarterly Marijuana Tax Return as soon as possible. Your second quarter tax return is due August 1, 2016.

You can file your Quaterly Marijuana Tax return automatically by logging in to OMMPOS and clicking Reports > Q2 Marijuana Quaterly Tax Return. #Easy

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The New OHA Report is Easy

6/24/2016 5:23:13 PM +00:00

Here are instructions for how to send the report  new report to the OHA: 

-          Login to OMMPOS

-          Click REPORTS

-          Under OHA Reports click OMMP Transfers Report

-          The Report opens

-          Save the report as an excel file by clicking the dropdown arrow next to the Save icon

-          Email the downloaded Excel file to

That’s it!

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