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Partial Update Posted and Outage

4/12/2019 3:47:26 AM +00:00

Outage: Yesterday we experienced a service outage from 7am to 8:15am. Our SSL secure encryption certificate expired yesterday morning causing an error to appear on OMMPOS. Thank you to the store's who texted us a heads up yesterday morning.


  • We are still working on the METRC pre-roll button. We have added some new features to make METRC and website management easier.
  • The Tech Support button on the main menu now supports website editing, event log reading and METRC ADMIN access. Employees have to receive permission to use these features.
  • METRC Package Editing Tab: A new Metrc Package Editing Tab has been added to the product inventory page. It is now possible to make adjustments directly to METRC from OMMPOS.
  • Next Updates
  • Complete METRC Pre-roll button]
  • Update Labels
  • Patient Limits
  • Scale & peripherals integration.

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