Were you over-taxed?

8/19/2019 12:55:29 AM +00:00

OMMPOS customers who signed up in 2016, 2017 & 2018 may have paid too much tax.

ISSUE: When OMMPOS first began reporting sales numbers to METRC we reported GROSS sales values, this includes the tax.

The Oregon Department of Revenue may have taxed these stores on their GROSS receipts; in effect a double tax.

Use the new METRC Sales Reconciliation tool to check your OMMPOS and METRC sales figures and make sure they match. Learn more...

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NEW Metrc Sales Reconcilliation Tool

7/10/2019 12:09:19 AM +00:00

We have created a new report. The Metrc Sales Reconcilliation tool allows to you rapidly make changes to past Metrc sales receipts. Find the new report under Reports > METRC Sales Reconcilliation. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks! Raja (971) 276 - 3371

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New Pre-Roll Button

4/25/2019 12:00:00 AM +00:00
We did a test this morning that makes us think that the new Pre-Roll button may work now. Please try to create a pre-roll and let me know for sure at or (971) 276 0 3371. Thanks!

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420 Ready

4/19/2019 11:54:29 AM +00:00

ommpos goes high speed. We have increased system speed to prepare for 4/20.

The system is now faster to handle the increased 4/20 traffic.

Are you haveing trouble with the new labels. Please give us a call at the office. We can help most folks in minutes. 

The New Pre-Roll button DOES NOT work right now.

We received notice from METRC that a change that METRC made to its own system broke the ability of every POS system in Oregon to create new packages, including pre-rolls. We will update you as soon as this changes. Please see attached METRC notice below.

METRC Package Creation Unavailable.

Please give us a call with any questions or concerns. We are on call for 4/20!

Thank you and Happy 420!

Raja Afrika


Marijuana Software, LLC

(971) 276 - 3371

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Partial Update Posted and Outage

4/12/2019 3:47:26 AM +00:00

Outage: Yesterday we experienced a service outage from 7am to 8:15am. Our SSL secure encryption certificate expired yesterday morning causing an error to appear on OMMPOS. Thank you to the store's who texted us a heads up yesterday morning.


  • We are still working on the METRC pre-roll button. We have added some new features to make METRC and website management easier.
  • The Tech Support button on the main menu now supports website editing, event log reading and METRC ADMIN access. Employees have to receive permission to use these features.
  • METRC Package Editing Tab: A new Metrc Package Editing Tab has been added to the product inventory page. It is now possible to make adjustments directly to METRC from OMMPOS.
  • Next Updates
  • Complete METRC Pre-roll button]
  • Update Labels
  • Patient Limits
  • Scale & peripherals integration.

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METRC Package Import Fixed

3/9/2019 11:58:39 PM +00:00

The Products > Metrc Packages > Import feature was expercing a problem where it was not pulling all received packages into OMMPOS. This problem has been fixed.

Please give me a call with any questions. Thanks!, Raja (971) 276 - 3371

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Updates and Bug Fixes

2/28/2019 11:45:46 PM +00:00

Wireless Printing has been added to the POS screen

The METRC upload has been updated to fix several issues

Sales Timestamp was showing slightly inaccurate sales times. Fixed.

OMMPOS API was reporting GROSS sales values to METRC. We have fixed this to report NET sales figures to METRC. 

The View Archived Sales tab on the Upload Sales to METRC page has been updated to allow you to view past sales from any date.

Please give us a call with any questions. Thanks! Raja (971) 276 - 3371

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Updated Reports

11/2/2018 11:10:50 PM +00:00

We have updated 2 reports. 

We added a new METRC Inventory Report. This report shows all of your METRC inventory with COGS.

We also updated the Busy Days and Times Report so that all days are now visible. 

Both reports are now available on the Reports page. Please give us a call with any questions. - Raja (971) 276 - 3371

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Fixed: Metrc Package Refresh

3/1/2018 2:22:51 PM +00:00

Our Metrc Refresh Packages functionality was unavailable for part of today. This happened because of ongoing changes to the METRC API.

METRC has been making changes to their API in a way that has occasionally affected OMMPOS functionality. Last month METRC made a change that affected the way we retrieve package information. It took us a week to respond to this sudden change. METRC made another change today that also affected Refreshing Packages. This time we addressed the change within 1 hour of being notified. Refreshing Metrc Packages works normally again.

We are committed to be the best POS system in Oregon and we pride ourselves on our rapid response to changes in the Oregon industry. Thank you for your support. - Raja Afrika (971) 276 - 3371

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October Updates 2 of 3

10/18/2017 9:20:44 AM +00:00

Rebuilt POS

Faster POS Experience

We rebuilt the POS sales screen to load and work faster than ever. You will notice that you no longer need to leave the POS between sales. Look up and add customers to live orders. Searching for products is a lot faster.

Better Label Printing

Now the POS remembers your label size printing preferences. Better support for IPad and Android label and receipt printing. Receipts have been updated to include change due.

New Reports

Sales by Budtender Report (Updated)

We update the Sales by Budtenders report to include averages per budtender. 

Enhanced Sales Report

We added a new report that splits medical, recreational and merchandise sales into seperate columns.

Busy Time of the Week Report

New graphical report show you when your dispensary is most busy

Improved Metrc Integration

Improved Intake

New 1-Click Metrc Package Import means no more typing. Now, intake packages with a single click.

Improved Metrc Reporting

Metrc Upload reporting has been updated to avoid double posting.

Reset Sales Upload

New Reset Metrc Day button will erase and unsynch sales uploaded to Metrc

Bug Fixes

The Print Single Label button in the POS has been fixed.

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METRC API Bulletin

7/12/2017 10:05:17 PM +00:00

Translation: If you make a big inventory goof using OMMPOS you have to use 1 of these 3 new adjustment reasons directly in METRC.

We have an important update. Three (3) new adjustment codes have been added into Metrc for licensee use. These adjustment codes are to be used by licensees when an error has occurred that creates a discrepancy between a licensee’s chosen system and Metrc, that requires an adjustment to be made to information in Metrc.     
• API Adjustment Error - (When an adjustment is made erroneously in both the API and in Metrc) Alaska, Colorado & Oregon

• API Conversion Error - (when amounts are not set up properly or aligned in the POS system and Metrc) Alaska, Colorado & Oregon
Licensees have been instructed to use these new adjustment codes when discrepancies exist between 3rd party systems and Metrc, as opposed to standard package adjustments that are designed for Licensees use to report errors when entering information into Metrc directly. Licensees have also been instructed to report any instances of instructions to ignore use of these adjustment codes by 3rd party solution providers. These codes are an important tool designed to help us define and work with our integration partners to resolve issues or discrepancies and help Licensees maintain compliance. 

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4/4/2017 5:39:00 PM +00:00

IMPORTANT! We have received reports from 2 stores today that they were not able to upload their sales to METRC. The cause appears to be that METRC is changing everyone's METRC User Name to their Marijuana Permit License Number. The effect is that your METRC API KEY gets reset in METRC and your OMMPOS sales will not upload. TO FIX THIS RE-GENERATE YOUR METRC API KEY. Please call me with any questions. - Raja (971) 276 - 3371

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Bug Fixes

12/4/2016 12:13:43 AM +00:00
Thank you for all of the useful feedback! We have fixed a few things.
  • METRC Synch has been fixed. Click here to view and upload your metrc sales.

  • Order searching has been added. Search Orders.

  • A timestamp discrepancy on the order details page has been fixed.

We appreciate your feedback. Please keep the postive feedback coming!

(971) 276 - 3371



11/17/2016 4:05:48 AM +00:00

We are experiencing an interruption of our regular METRC sales data sync. We anticipate our METRC data sync function to be restored by Friday. Until then please use the METRC CSV download work-around. Under REPORTS click the 'Download METRC CSV' button. When the report opens click the SAVE icon and select CSV. Open the CSV and delete the first row of header names before uploading the file to METRC. If you have questions, please give us a call - Raja (971) 276 - 3371.


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