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Labels Compliance Update

9/11/2018 6:02:54 PM +00:00

We updated our 3x2 and 4x1 labels to be more OLCC compliant

  • Larger font
  • Includes store name, license #
  • Includes state category

These labels are intended to work with our OLCC Compliant label stock. For more information about compliance labels please see the  Hardware section »

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Compliance Update 2 Notes

4/14/2018 8:28:38 AM +00:00

We made some changes this morning to the way our METRC buttons work to improve system performace.

  • The Refreh Metrc Packages button has been removed from the Products page. This button is now on the Intake Metrc Packages page. Use this button to help you retrieve new package intake data.
  • On the Products page clicking a number in the METRC column will cause that Metrc number to be refresh from the Metrc server
  • When uploading sales to Metrc we have limited the upload to ony display 100 sales at a time. After uploading all of your sales, refreh the Metrc upload page to make sure there are not any left. Keep uploading until your sales upload queue is empty

We are open today Saturday. Please feel free to call me with any questions about this update.

- Raja (971) 276 - 3371 

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Compliance Update Part 2/ 2

4/11/2018 1:31:30 AM +00:00

We have posted the last of the major changes in the compliance update.

  • Better controls to prevent inventory from going into the negative
  • Easy refresh for Metrc packge data from the products page
  • Enhanced Metrc Sales upload
  • New Metrc Sales Reporting controls
  • New Package Weight field added to labels 

If you have questions about this update please give us a call. Thanks! Raja (971) 276 - 3371

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Commitment to State Compliance

3/19/2018 3:03:08 PM +00:00

No automatic alt text available.We routinely retake the Metrc compliance exam to make sure that we continue to build the best POS system for state level compliance.

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