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OLCC to Freeze New Marijuana Applications on June 15th

5/30/2018 5:04:13 PM +00:00

We communicated with Mark Pettinger OLCC Marijuana Spokesperson by email about the upcoming application freeze. 

  • Does this pause apply to all licenses types including applications for Marijuana Handlers cards?  It applies to all license types, but NOT Marijuana Worker Permits

  • Do would-be applicants still have until June 16th to get new applications in for review?  Would be applicants have until close of business Friday June 15th to submit an application and have considered in the current flow of submitted applications.  Beginning June 16th we’ll still accept applications, except we’re going to set them aside and won’t process them until we finish all those that we already have.

  • How long is this pause anticipated to take?  Sometime into 2019


The OLCC does not offically endorse any POS system but we are the only ones to give em a hug.

- Raja Afrika

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