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OLCC Compliance Education Bulletin

7/16/2018 12:55:25 PM +00:00

The OLCC has added a “Bulletins” section to its Recreational Marijuana Program website with important information for licensees.

The bulletin is part of OLCC’s compliance education.  It is important that you read it, and understand it. If you don’t understand it please contact the OLCC for help.

Failure to understand and follow the information contained in this bulletin could result in an OLCC rules compliance violation affecting your ability to work or operate your business.

Bulletin CE2018-05 covers the following issues:

  •   Upcoming enforcement based on Metrc data
  •   How to verify test data in Metrc prior to receiving or selling an item

 The full bulletin, including substantive information about how to verify test information prior to receipt of a transfer, can be found on the OLCC’s website here.

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