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METRC API Bulletin

7/12/2017 10:05:17 PM +00:00

Translation: If you make a big inventory goof using OMMPOS you have to use 1 of these 3 new adjustment reasons directly in METRC.

We have an important update. Three (3) new adjustment codes have been added into Metrc for licensee use. These adjustment codes are to be used by licensees when an error has occurred that creates a discrepancy between a licensee’s chosen system and Metrc, that requires an adjustment to be made to information in Metrc.     
• API Adjustment Error - (When an adjustment is made erroneously in both the API and in Metrc) Alaska, Colorado & Oregon

• API Conversion Error - (when amounts are not set up properly or aligned in the POS system and Metrc) Alaska, Colorado & Oregon
Licensees have been instructed to use these new adjustment codes when discrepancies exist between 3rd party systems and Metrc, as opposed to standard package adjustments that are designed for Licensees use to report errors when entering information into Metrc directly. Licensees have also been instructed to report any instances of instructions to ignore use of these adjustment codes by 3rd party solution providers. These codes are an important tool designed to help us define and work with our integration partners to resolve issues or discrepancies and help Licensees maintain compliance. 

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