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Lets Give a Hand to the Interns

6/27/2019 3:38:50 PM +00:00

This is the last week at Marijuana Software for Jeff and Jack's internship. They have accomplished an incredible amount in just 6 weeks and I really recommend them to anyone in Portland area that needs tech help.

Jeff Casto

Jeff Casto had never built a website before when he started his position here at Marijuana Software; he has never used OMMPOS before. Over the course of 6 weeks I watched Jeff learn how to build a website (He built our new help website and he was able to master OMMPOS to the point where is as able to help others. Jeff's real passions are tech support and networks security. If you are a Portland area business I strongly recommend reaching out to Jeff for onsite technical support.

Alexander Jacks

Alexander Jacks came to use as a skilled web developer and graphic designer. Still I was surprised with just how quickly he was able to learn our new Marijuana Software API. Jacks can now make you a website that ties directly int OMMPOS. If you are in the Portland area and need website help I strongly recommend getting in touch with Jacks.

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