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Issue with Metrc Uploading

4/29/2018 2:49:49 PM +00:00

Update 4/30 4:44 AM 

It looks like the Metrc upload issue was resolved by 10pm last night. If you have not yet uploaded your sales to Metrc please do so right away.

Update 7:47 PM

We have confirmed that this error is coming from Metrc. We are standing by for an update from the Metrc API team. I advise waiting until tomorrow morning to upload your sales by which point Metrc will hve hopefully fixed the issue.


There appears to be an issue preventing Metrc sales uploading. This issue appears to be happening at Metrcs end. We are in communication with Metrcs API support team now and they are aware of the issue. 

It is possible to report your sales using the CSV function on the Upload Sales to Metrc page. We recommend using this option only as a last resort. 

We will post more information as it become available. -Raja (971) 276 - 3371

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