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10 Day Update Schedule

4/1/2019 8:41:01 AM +00:00

UPDATE 4/10/19 6:45 AM

We are close to releasing the update to fix the METRC preroll and labeling issue. We had hoped to post this update this morning but it will have to wait until close of business tonight. Thank you.

Between April 1st and 10th we will be doing a Sprint on the following updates. If you have requested an update and do not see it on this list please let em know. Thanks! -Raja

- Make Joints comply with new OLCC regulation

- Implement recreational sales limits

- Limit Medical customers to 896 grams per calendar month

- Quick look up patient sales history

- Fix package import bug (doesnt delete old information)

- Fix METRC reporting bug (discounts not included in reported sales data)

- Move Website and Web Menu Access from Admin to its own permission.

- Add permissions to discounts. Mgr must approve discounts for employees that do not have permission.

- Add pre-programmed discounts with Happy Hour settings.

- Make sales screen price selector smarter.

- Track items removed from sales orders

- Upgrade the monthly tax voucher

- Implement Peripherals (Scale, Scanner, Display. Ongoing). Learn more.

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