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Getting started

OMMPOS.COM is a web based point of sale and inventory management system that is integrate with METRC™ for easy state reporting.

Combine OMMPOS with POS terminal hardware for a complete sales and tracking solution.

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METRC Integrated

OMMPOS is the first Metrc integrated Point of Sale and Dispensary Management System certified in Oregon. is a METRC integrated dispensary management system. Our 1-click integration makes product intake and Metrc sales reporting a snap.

Quickly import your Metrc packages into your OMMPOS inventory using our Package import tool. Report your daily sales to the state through the states' Cannabis Tracking System.

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POS Hardware

OMMPOS supports Windows, IPad, Mac, Android, Star Micronics, Rolly Receipts, Dymo, Zebra and Brother.

OMMPOS works in your favorite web browser. Use OMMPOS with Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. Comptible with Windows, IPad, Mac, and Android. Some users use our system on their XBOX.

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Social Media    

Connect your business to the world with our easy to use website, email and social media tools.

OMMPOS makes it easy to instantly ceate a website for your Marijuana business. Need a .COM name? We can help you buy the available name of your choice and setup your website same day. Already have a website or .COM name?

Protect your brand with Business Class email. Create branded email addresses for yourself and staff like

  • Buy a .COM Name
  • Instant Dispensary Website
  • Business Class Email
  • Website Menu Plugins

Create a website with online ordering, add your logo, pictures and text. Update it anytime straight from OMMPOS. Share your menu on Facebook or your existing website!

Share your live menu on your website using our OMMPOS Developer API.

Advertise your business on your Facebook page using our state of the art web plugins.

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News Blog

Official DOR Response to Marijuana Tax Issue

8/28/2019 12:04:43 PM +00:00

We received an official response from the Oregon Department of Revenue regarding the Marijuana Taxation issue and the OMMPOS METRC Sales Reconciliation tool. First a quick timeline.

  • OMMPOS was the first Oregon company to begin reporting to METRC in 2016.
  • OMMPOS reported GROSS sales values to METRC and NET sales values through our Instant Tax E-file tool from Q2 2016 - Q1 2019.
  • In May 2019 we received reports that stores were being taxed at a higher tax rate than they should have been.
  • We create the METRC Sales Reconciliation Tool to enable retailers to correct their METRC sales receipts to match their OMMPOS sales receipts.

Yesterday the Oregon Department of Revenue responded to us to let us know that they have been receiving a lot of phone calls with questions about this issue. They wanted us to let you know that

  • No customers of OMMPOS or any other point of sales system are being taxed at a higher rate than what their sales records indicate. We rely on taxpayers to correctly report their sales information and are grateful for your continued partnership in that goal
  • When we identify a deficiency in the course of an audit we do not necessarily know which point of sales system the retailer is using (and some retailers switch point of sales systems in the course of their business).  In the course of several audits within the past year we identified that the sales figures getting reported to OLCC from some retailers did not match the sales figures reported on returns. When retailers provided point of sales records detailing actual sales that corresponded to their returns, we reversed deficiencies.

Please give us a call with any questions. Thank you!

Raja Afrika
Marijuana Software
(971) 276 - 3371

FREE Compliance Reporting from HEADSET

8/15/2019 5:05:44 PM +00:00

OMMPOS has partnered with Headset to provide you with advanced retail reporting.  Sign up below to get access to your dashboards today!

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