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  • *NEW Tool to help pay your Monthly Recreational Marijuana Tax
  • OHA Compliant Medical and Recreational Sales
  • Online Point of Sale (POS) System
  • Unlimited Registers same price
  • Unlimited Products, Patients and Vendor
  • Compatible with Star, Zebra and Brother Thermal Printers
  • Pre-packaged and Bulk-weight sales POS
  • OLCC and OHA Compliant Reports
  • Create a website and business email for your dispensary
  • Compatible with most POS hardware

OLCC Retail Store And OMMP Dispensary

METRC CTS Certified OLCC Recreational POS. OLCC Compliant Tax Reporting, OLCC Compliant Labels and Oregon DOR Compliant Receipts. Print and Scan your own barcodes. Phone and email-based Tech Support Included.

Medical Dispesary Point of Sale system. Supports limited retail sales. OMMP Compliant Tax Reporting, OMMP Compliant Labels and Oregon DOR Compliant Receipts. Print and Scan your own barcodes. Phone and email-based Tech Support Included.

OLCC and OMMP Dispensary: Choose a Plan Buy
Month to Month
$179 per month (Sale Price)*.

*Dispensary Management Software for 1 OLCC or OHA Dispensary.


1 Year Subscription
$600 per year.

*Dispensary Management Software for 1 OLCC or OHA Dispensary.


2 Year Subscription
$1200 per 2 years.

*Dispensary Management Software for 1 OLCC or OHA Dispensary.


1 Year Multi-Store Subscription
$1620 per year*.

*Dispensary Management Software for maximum 3 OHA Dispensaries. Limited recreational retail sales ends 12/31/16.


2 Year Multi-Store Subscription
$3240 every 2 years.

*Dispensary Management Software for maximum 3 OHA Dispensaries. Limited recreational retail sales ends 12/31/16.


WeedCloudPOS Business Data Backup

WeedCloudPOS is a Disaster Recovery Solution for OMMPOS. Install this device in your store and continue to use your POS even if the internet or power goes down.
WeedCloudPOS Stand Alone

*The Stand alone unit provides POS services to every device in your store. POS will continue to work even if your internet connection goes down.

$2500 installation (*One time fee).

  • Basic Cloud Backup keeps your business data secure. In the event of an emergency your backup can be restored within 3-5 business days. Cost: $50 per month basic offsite backup*.

    *Dispensary Management Software for 1 OLCC or OHA Dispensary. Includes basic backup. Connect unlimited instore devices.

  • PrivateCloud Add-On The PrivateCloud is an optional add on that makes your store disaster proof. The PrivateCloud creates your own private OMMPOS database in the cloud that syncs with your WeedCloudPOS server and gives you and your managers a way to instantly access your backup data. Managers can access the store's Live Reporting, sales data and monitor stock from anywhere. In the event of a disaster, you can run POS from the Private Cloud even if the WeedCloudPOS computer has been damaged or destroyed.
    Costs: $500 per month.

    *Dispensary Management Software for 1 OLCC or OHA Dispensary. Includes basic and enhanced backup. Connect unlimited instore devices.
Backup Options
Add a Print Station

Add-on includes 1 thermal label printer and 1 thermal receipt printer. Share label and receipt printers with every device in your store.


*Add-on includes 1 SM700ii Thermal Label Printer and 1 SM700ii Thermal Receipt Printer.

1 Year Support Plan

Phone and email based tech support for your devices

$939 per year*.

*Plan includes tech support for 1 customer during standard business hours.

1 Year On-Call 24x7 Support Plan
Phone and email based tech support for your devices.

$2790 per year*.

*Plan includes tech support for 1 customer during standard business hours. During non business hours calls or emails will be answered within 2 hours.

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OLCC Recreational Marijuana Program Update Reviewed


 Yesterday the OLCC hosted a Marijuana Update meeting. The meeting was attended by approximately 70 Producers, Processors, Wholesalers and Retailers. During the meeting the OLCC explained the breakdown of rules and responsibility between organizations like the OLCC, OHA, DOA and ODOR. After each presenter there was a question and answer session that was very enlightening.
New Licenses and License Renewals
The OLCC reports that there is a backlog in processing the various applications for licensing. During the first year the OLCC pulled inspectors from the Liquor side of affairs to make up for the backlog of applications. Now those auxiliary resources are returning to normal duty so expect a slowdown in the time that it takes to process a new or renewal application.
For those licensees who have a renewal date pending the OLCC recommends that you apply for renewal sooner rather than later. There is a critical 20-day window for renewal. If you apply for license renewal with more than 20 days left on your license, then you can continue to operate even if it takes the OLCC more than 20 days to process your license renewal, however if there is less than 20 days left before you apply for renewal then you will have to close operations after your expiration date until the OLCC is able to process your renewal. Again, apply with more than 20 days on your license and keep operating. Apply with less than 20 days on your license and shut down when your license expires until after the OLCC can process your application.
The OLCC warms that there are a lot of reporting irregularities in METRC and that they will be beginning to crack down on these errors soon with fines. The example provided was that of the producer who harvested a plant 6 months ago and never applied a tag. Please be sure to keep your METRC reporting accurate and up-to-date to avoid penalties.
TJ Sheehy of the OLCC says that pre-rolls should always be weight-based. Many dispensaries log pre-rolls as unit or combined-each in METRC but this is incorrect. All pre-rolls should be weight-based.
IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO APPLY YOUR OWN TAG OVER A VENDOR TAG. If you receive a package from a vendor and that package has a package tag you can use the METRC package tag in OMMPOS. You do not need to re-package packages received from Vendors.                                                                                                                      
The OLCC emphasized that it is the licensee’s responsibility to ensure that ALL employees of your organization are registered in METRC and that all employees who handle Marijuana possess a valid Marijuana Handler’s card.
For questions about the rules the OLCC recommends visiting WhatsLegalOregon.com
For question about how we can help you keep your dispensary compliant contact Raja (971) 276 – 3371 or visit us at http://ommpos.com 

NEW: Learn how to Share Your Menu on Facebook


Share your OMMPOS Menu on Facebook

Now you can create a menu from your inventory to share on Facebook or your dispensary website. Click Here to Learn More.

NEW: Revenue Online E-File


Now with our new OMMP E-file you can report your quaterly taxes electronically. OMMPOS intergrates with the Department of Revenue's Online OMMP SYSTEM. Report your taxes to the Department of Revenue with 1-click.

Which Cities Implemented the 3% Tax?



In November 2016, voters in many municipalities approved local marijuana taxes of 3 percent. Many of those municipalities decided to have us collect those taxes on their behalf. A list of those municipalities is available on our website.

Starting in with February’s payment for taxes collected in January: If your business is located in a municipality where we’re (DOR) responsible for the collection of the tax, you’ll include both your state and local taxes in your monthly payment. Using the marijuana tax payment voucher will help you determine your state and local taxes due. You can also print a voucher from your Revenue Online account (the same account you use to file your quarterly returns). When you put your monthly sales information into the quarterly return form, Revenue Online will automatically generate payment vouchers. We’ll apply the payments appropriately to your state and local taxes due after you file your quarterly return and we validate the information provided with your monthly payments.

If your business is located in a municipality that’s collecting its own taxes (Local), contact the municipality to find out how to file and pay your local taxes. You’re still required to make your pay monthly and file quarterly for your state taxes, regardless of how the local tax is being administered. If you're not sure if your local government has a marijuana tax, contact them as soon as possible to ensure you’re collecting the appropriate taxes from customers at the time of purchase.

We’ll continue to update our list as more municipalities determine how they’ll administer their local tax. Municipalities can change whether they have us collect on their behalf, but that change can only be made at the beginning or end of a calendar quarter. The local tax collection list on our website should be finalized by January 20 and will be in effect for first quarter 2017 payments (February, March, April) and return filing (April).

Thank you for your time and cooperation. Please contact us if you have any questions about local tax collections or marijuana tax requirements in general. You can also visit our website at www.oregon.gov/dor/marijuana for more information about Oregon’s marijuana tax.




Marijuana Tax Administration


Oregon Dept. of Revenue








Basically what is happening is an internal DEA accounting change in how they track Cannabis Extracts.

There appears to be a proliferation of misleading news with the headline :The DEA Just Banned CBD."

We searched the internet and have been unable to find this story on any major news outlets. It is my opinion that this news is false news or at least intentionally misleading.

Here is what we have been able to figure out with 15 minutes of searching with BING.

CBD being derived from Marijuana is a schedule 1 substance under Federal law. States like Oregon, California, Washington, Colorado and Massachusetts will have legal CBD products because Marijuana has been legalized recreationally in these states. In states where Marijuana is not recreationally or at least medically legal it would be illegal to possess CBD products.

Of course the postal service is a federal institution so sending CBD products through the post would violate federal law as would be transporting CBD or any other Marijuana containing product across state lines.

Basically nothing has changed.

We found this article describing the DEA Easing regulations for CBD research
DEA Eases Requirements for FDA-Approved Clinical Trials on Cannabidiol

DEA.gov / Headquarters News Releases, 12/23/15

and this source article with DEA commentary on Cannabis Extracts.
Rules - 2016 - Establishment of a New Drug Code

Take Deep Breaths. Hope this helps. This is my opinion and not legal advice.

- Raja Afrika (971) 276 - 3371

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