Marijuana Retail Management POS

#1 Metrc Approved

OMMPOS is the first Metrc integrated Point of Sale and Dispensary Management System certified in Oregon.

1-Click Metrc Integration
close is a METRC integrated dispensary management system. Our 1-click integration makes product intake and Metrc sales reporting a snap.

Quickly import your Metrc package into your OMMPOS inventory using our Package import tool. Report your daily sales to the state through the states Cannabis Tracking System.

Keep tight control on your inventory by making some or all of it available for resell. Easily manage multiple Metrc packages.

Dispensary Management

Easy to understand tools to manage your employees, products, packages, Metrc reporting, sales reporting and tax reporting.

Enterprise Retail Management

Manage your Marijuana Retail Store with this one helpful tool. OMMPOS has tools to manage employee permission and timecards. Easily track records of who made or modified sales. Track who added and edited inventory. Easily add and remove employees.

Set your tax rates, restrict inventory to specific terminals or share it across all terminals, print pre-package labels and barcodes, print membership loyalty cards, at the POS print state compliant deli-style labels and Department of Revenue compliant receipts.

Our best in class reporting lets you see real-time sales results. See sales by day, product, vendor or budtender. Export reports to Excel and Quickbooks. Easy monthly and quarterly tax reporting. Report your daily sales to Metrc with 1-click.

Point of Sale

Our easy to use Point of Sale supports barcode scanning, multiple terminals, employees, taxes, discounts and more.

Easy Marijuana POS

Use Point of Sale from any device. It's easy to look up products by name, package number, barcode or SKU. Our helpful menu lets your Budtenders pick from a visual list of inventory based on categories that you create. See your current inventory levels to prevent overselling.

Support for price tiers. Automatic support for medical and recreational sales. Intelligent handling of recreational taxed sales vs non-taxed medical sales. Include non-marijuana merchandise like Tee-shirts, Pipes and Grinders. Apply inline or whole order discounts. Discount items by dollars or percent.

Print state compliant deli-style labels that include test results. Print labels for one item or the entire order. Support for multiple label sizes. Print Department of Revenue compliant receipts. Email receipts to customers. Support for IPad and Android printing.

Hardware Compatible

OMMPOS Ssupports Windows, IPad, Mac, Android, Star Micronics, Dymo, Zebra and Brother.

Marijuana Industry Compatible

OMMPOS works in your favorite web browser. Use OMMPOS with Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. OMMPOS will run on most devices. We support Windows, IPad, Mac, and Android. Some users use our system on their XBOX.

We support industry standard thermal label and receipt printers. OMMPOS works out of the box with Star, Dymo, Zebra and Brother thermal Label and receipt printers. Support for multiple label sizes, pre-packaged and deli-style label printing.

Support for barcode scanners for Windows, Android, IPad and Mac.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud with optional on-site backup server means that your business stays running even if your power and internet goes down.

Private Cloud POS
with Optional Onsite Backup

OMMPOS Basic is a multi-tenant SaaS application. That means that the website and database that runs OMMPOS Basic is shared between the many stores who use our system.

With OMMPOS Private Cloud you get your own copy of OMMPOS. Your private copy of OMMPOS will have an address like YOURDISPENSARY.OMMPOS.COM. The service comes with your on private database which means maximum uptime and no system slow downs.

Our Local Option Backup Server acts as an instore version of OMMPOS. This option provides maximum speed and security. The Local Option is a high power server that connects to your dispensary WiFi and battery backup to provide power outage proof and internet outage proof POS to your dispensary.

Social Media Tools

Social Media tools help you create a website for your dispensary in minutes. Add Online ordering, Menu plug-ins and Facebook store fronts instantly.

Conquer the Social Network

Need a Dispensary Website? Use OMMPOS to setup a website in minutes. Your website comes with an integrated menu. Add display screens to your dispensary that show your menu on the big screen. Design and configure your website to look exactly the way you want, no code necessary.

Add Online Ordering to your website and start taking delivery orders immediately. Allow your customers to add products to a shopping cart and place an order straight from your own website.

Facebook Storefronts brings your dispensary menu to your Facebook page opening your online store up to your entire community. Menu plug-in scripts to add your OMMPOS menu to your existing website.

Metrc & Tax Reporting

1-button click Tax E-file takes the hassle out of reporting your monthly and quarterly taxes.

Reporting Simplified

We have streamlined the process of reporting your taxes and your daily sales to the state. Enterprise class reporting technology saves you time and money.

Reporting your daily sales to Metrc is as easy as a button click. Simply click the Synch Sales button to instantly report your sales to Metrc.

Automated tax reporting makes it easy to report your taxes to the Department of Revenue. After 30 days of using OMMPOS you can generate a monthly tax report. This is a completely filled out tax form that you can mail to the state.

Electronic Filing for quarterly taxes transmits an e-file tax report to the Department of Revenue. Complete your quarterly tax report in as little as 10 minutes. OMMPOS takes a lot of the hassle out of tax reporting.

Get Started

It is easier than ever to get started with OMMPOS. Sign up now for just $50.

Prices Start at Just $50/month

With our new Transaction Based Pricing you only pay for what you use. Stores that process less than 700 transactions per month only pay $50/m.

OMMPOS is easy to sign up for. You can go from sign up to intake to sales in just a few minutes. Phone and email based tech support is included in your plan.

See Plans and Prices

Marijuana Retail and Production Management

OMMPOS is a simple, low cost Marijuana Retail Point of Sale and Production Management system.

OMMPOS works on most devices including IPad, Android, Windows and Cellphones.

Your existing hardware may already work with OMMPOS. Our system supports multiple terminals and employees no additional cost.

Get Started for only $50

Facility Login

We are certified for OHA Medical OMMOS reporting, METRC OLCC Retailers and OLCC Producers in Oregon

We are currently accepting applications for API integrators. Learn more...

We are certified for California METRC Retailers and Producers.

We are currently accepting applications for API integrators. Learn more...

We are certified for Alaska METRC Retailers and Producers.

We are currently accepting applications for API integrators. Learn more...

We are certified for Michigan METRC Retailers and Producers.

We are currently accepting applications for API integrators. Learn more...

We are developing our integration with Washington Traceability Lead Data. We areaccepting applications to our LCB Producers BETA program.

Metrc Certified Point of Sale System

Go from Sign Up to Sale in 10 Minutes

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POS Features

Recreational and Medical Customer Management

Medical and Recreational Sales. OMMPOS makes it easy to manage both your recreational and medical customers in the same place. No more having to maintain 2 seperate databases.

No Limit on Terminals

No limits on the number of terminals. Run OMMPOS on all of your sales terminals and check-in counter for the same price.

Compatible with your Existing Hardware

Switching from a different POS system is easy. You can use all the same hardware. OMMPOS is compatible with Dymo, Star, Zebra and Brother Thermal Label and Receipt printers and all standard POS hardware. Need new hardware? See our hardware recommendations.

Metrc Seed to Sale Reporting

Report your sales to Metrc with 1-click. OMMPOS was the first Metrc approved system in Oregon. Our built-in Metrc reporting makes compliance easy.

Built-in Tax Reporting

Save time and money with our built-in tax reporting. Report your monthly and quarterly taxes directly to the Department of Revenue.

Label Printing and Barcode Scanning

Print your own compliant labels and receipts. Use a barcode scanner to check-in customers and ring-up products at sales time.

Deli Style and Pre-Packaged Sales

Sell deli-style out of a jar or pre-package your product. OMMPOS is a flexible system that lets you operate your way.

Social Media Support

Share your menu. We have Social Media built in. Share your inventory as a menu on your website or facebook page. Create a new website in minutes with no programming. Protect your brand by adding business email.

Disaster Recovery

*New WeedCloudPOS is an in-store version of our system. WeedCloudPOS plugs into your stores wifi and powers POS for all of the terminals and check-in counters in your dispensary. Secure your business with our off-site data backup. Secure your business against the unexpected. WeedCloudPOS will continue to work even if your store's internet goes down. Add a battery backup to defend against power outtages.


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