Marijuana Point of Sale System

OMMPOS is a simple, low cost Point of Sale system for Marijuana Dispensaries. OMMPOS works on any computer. Use your existing hardware and support all of the terminals and devices in your dispensary for the same low price.

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POS Features

Recreational and Medical Customer Management

Medical and Recreational Sales. OMMPOS makes it easy to manage both your recreational and medical customers in the same place. No more having to maintain 2 seperate databases.

No Limit on Terminals

No limits on the number of terminals. Run OMMPOS on all of your sales terminals and check-in counter for the same price.

Compatible with your Existing Hardware

Switching from a different POS system is easy. You can use all the same hardware. OMMPOS is compatible with Dymo, Star, Zebra and Brother Thermal Label and Receipt printers and all standard POS hardware. Need new hardware? See our hardware recommendations.

Metrc Seed to Sale Reporting

Report your sales to Metrc with 1-click. OMMPOS was the first Metrc approved system in Oregon. Our built-in Metrc reporting makes compliance easy.

Built-in Tax Reporting

Save time and money with our built-in tax reporting. Report your monthly and quarterly taxes directly to the Department of Revenue.

Label Printing and Barcode Scanning

Print your own compliant labels and receipts. Use a barcode scanner to check-in customers and ring-up products at sales time.

Deli Style and Pre-Packaged Sales

Sell deli-style out of a jar or pre-package your product. OMMPOS is a flexible system that lets you operate your way.

Social Media Support

Share your menu. We have Social Media built in. Share your inventory as a menu on your website or facebook page. Create a new website in minutes with no programming. Protect your brand by adding business email.

Disaster Recovery

*New WeedCloudPOS is an in-store version of our system. WeedCloudPOS plugs into your stores wifi and powers POS for all of the terminals and check-in counters in your dispensary. Secure your business with our off-site data backup. Secure your business against the unexpected. WeedCloudPOS will continue to work even if your store's internet goes down. Add a battery backup to defend against power outtages.

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Online Order is Now Available


We are proud to offer Online Ordering for your Dispensary Website. Now your customers can fill up an online shopping cart, join your website and place orders. OMMPOS will send you an email with the manifest. Check out our Demo Store here:

Contact us to add an online ordering website to your store. - Raja (971) 276 - 3371

It's Our Anniversary


June 1st 2017 is our 2 year anniversary. When we signed up our first customer OMMPOS was just a very basic system for OHA dispenaries. From that time to this we became the first POS system in Oregon to be certified for Metrc. We were the first system in Oregon with compliant receipts and labels and the first system in Oregon to comply with the rapid changes in Oregon law. We have had over 50 Oregon dispenaries try OMMPOS and each new store provides vital feedback that has changed this system from its humble beginings into the best POS and Grow Management system for Oregon. Thank you to our Oregon community for making OMMPOS thrive!


Kathleen and Raja Afrika

Deadline to Wipe Customer Data is May 18th


On Monday, April 17, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed SB 863 into law. The new law prohibits OLCC licensed marijuana retailers from recording, retaining or transferring information contained on a passport, driver’s license, military identification card or other identification card.

The Deadline to clear the personal recreational customer information from your store is May 18th. We have added a new button "Sanitize Customer Data" under Store settings. This button will erase the names, addresses and id numbers of all of your recreational customers. Your medical customer data will not be touched. Please give me a call with any questions. - Raja (971) 276 - 3371.

Reminders on Marijuana Tax Compliance


Here are some helpful reminders from the Department of Revenue for staying in tax compliance and making payments:

 All licensed retailers must register their businesses for the marijuana tax program. You can register by either submitting a paper form or using our Revenue Online registration option at If your business isn’t registered, you can’t make payments with us because we won’t have a place to apply your payments.

Each retail location needs a separate registration, tax account, and quarterly tax return. You can access all of those accounts under a single Revenue Online login. If all locations use the same FEIN, this will occur by default, and you’ll be able to access all accounts as long as you can provide the information required for authentication. To access to those accounts, click “Add access to account” under the “I want to” menu.

If each location uses a different FEIN, you can access those as “third party” or “client” accounts from your main account. To access those accounts, click “Add third-party access” under the “I want to” menu.

Licensed retailers must file their returns electronically through Revenue Online. Returns are due quarterly, at the end of the month following the last day of the quarter. For example, the first-quarter returns are due on the last day of April. Returns must include total sales, by product and by month for both medical and recreational sales. It must also include the total amount of tax-exempt sales (medical). The system will then calculate the taxable sales and taxes due. This calculation gives you the opportunity to double-check your quarterly numbers.

Although returns are quarterly, payments are required monthly. You can pay in cash or by check or money order. You can mail check or money order payments, or you can deliver it person. We only accept cash payments at the main Department of Revenue building in Salem, and you’ll need an appointment. You can schedule an appointment by calling (503) 945-8050. Payments are due at the end of the month following the month of sales. For example, taxes collected in January are due by the end of February.

Here are the deadlines for 2017:



Payment Deadlines

Return Deadlines


January tax—February 28, 2017

February tax—March 31, 2017

March tax—May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017


April tax—May 31, 2017

May tax—June 30, 2017

June tax—July 31, 2017

July 31, 2017


July tax—August 31, 2017

August tax—October 2, 2017

September tax—October 31, 2017

October 31, 2017


October tax—November 30, 2017

November tax—January 2, 2018

December tax—January 31, 2018

January 31, 2018

We encourage all marijuana retailers to visit our website at for additional information.

Thank you! 

Marijuana Tax Administration
Oregon Department of Revenue

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